Saturday, April 11, 2015

Trying Something New

My granddaughter Corky likes to come over and cook with me occasionally, and it's a good way to pass along tips and shortcuts that I've discovered over the years. You can tell tell tell, but unless you show show show, things just don't get passed on to the next generation like they should.

We made this unusual Buttermilk Bran Loaf, and it turned out just great so I thought I'd pass the recipe along. It's heavy and moist and delicious, and it doesn't have any eggs in it. Yep--the only moisture is the buttermilk. Here it is.

Heat the oven 350 and oil a loaf pan. Mix 2 cups wheat bran cereal (like All-Bran, but I guess you could use flakes, too) with 2 cups whole wheat flour. Add 1 teaspoon soda, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1 cup brown sugar. Then you stir in 2 cups of buttermilk. That's it. Oh, you can add a cup of raisins if you like, but it's good if you leave 'em out, too. Corky found golden raisins in my pantry and that's what we used. Turned out great. Anyway, let the batter stand in a warm place for half an hour before you scrape it into the pan. Bake 30 to 40 minutes until a toothpick stuck in the middle comes out clean. This is so sweet and nutty tasting you don't need much more than butter on it when you serve it, although peanut butter would be good, too.

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